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While tattoo and body piercing still carry the stereotype of a delinquent, they are becoming more popular, especially among younger people. Tattoos and piercings are now forms of body art. People use them for self-expression and identity. If you are thinking of getting them, here are some things you must keep in mind before heading to piercing or tattoo places nearby.

Before Going To Tattoo And Piercing Places

Many people have tattoos and body piercings to express themselves. But before getting them, there are some things that you must consider.

  • They are a commitment

Firstly, remember that tattoos are mostly permanent. There are tattoo removal procedures, but they can be painful and expensive. Plus, they aren’t always successful. On the other hand, not all piercings are permanent as holes may naturally close if you take off your piercing. But sometimes they leave behind scars or permanent side effects, so do consider that.

So, before getting a tattoo or a piercing, think carefully about it. If you really want to, go for it! But it’s an important decision that you must commit to for a lifetime

  • Be prepared to feel pain

The location of piercing and tattoo locations on the body really matters. Some designs look better on certain body parts than others. For example, geometric designs look better on flatter areas because they’re more visible. Some locations will also hurt more, for example, a genital piercing will feel more painful than an earlobe one.

  • Be sure of your placement and design

Before getting a tattoo or piercing, ask yourself: will I still like it in a year? If I design my own tattoo, is it something I still feel proud of 10 years from now? Is there any typo? You don’t want something that you’ll feel regret about.

You can find easily find the best tattoo website design on the internet for reference. The best tattoo artist for you is one that understands what you want and can help you make it a reality.

  • Think about the consequences

Tattoos or piercings on visible locations may prevent you from certain jobs. There’s also a possibility that you might hate them in 10 years’ time, or even next year. Moreover, body arts are wounds, so you must consistently care for them. Even after the tattoo or piercing heals up, you still need to maintain them and keep them hygienic and neat.

  • Get ready to pay

Lastly, be prepared to pay a lot. Tattoo and body piercing are expensive, especially the good ones. And since you’re getting something permanent, it’s best to get the best ones you can get. You wouldn’t want to regret it, would you?

Safety Concerns

Other than those considerations, there are also safety concerns regarding body art. Tattoos and piercings cause open wounds, and bacteria can enter those wounds. They may cause bleeding and even infections, which may cause permanent scars, deformity, illnesses, and even death.

The needles and other equipment that are used might cause cross-contamination or diseases if they are not properly sterilized. For tattoos, extra precaution must be taken about the dye. Many tattoo dyes are made of metals which can cause allergic reactions such as irritation. While for piercings, some parts of the body are more sensitive than others, such as cartilage, tongue, nipples, and genitals.

Because of those considerations, it’s important that you find the best tattoo shops and piercing parlors. Responsible piercing and tattoo shops take the best hygiene and sterilization measures to ensure your safety.

Finding The Best Tattoo And Piercing Parlor

While there are many things to consider before getting a tattoo or a piercing, they shouldn’t hinder you. If you really want it, you should go for it, but just be extra thoughtful. If you are careful you can get beautiful piercings and tattoos safely. Here is how to find a tattoo artist or a body piercing parlor that is safe.

  • Get recommendations

Have friends, family, or acquaintances who have tattoos or piercings? Ask them where they get them. If they trust the place and you like their tattoos or piercings, chances are their place is responsible enough.

  • Look for testimonials online

Another way to find a tattoo artist or a piercing artist is through the internet. Many reputable artists have social media pages or websites where they display their portfolio. You can find client testimonials as well. If they have good designs and their clients leave good reviews, you might want to check them out.

  • Visit the shop first

Next, explore tattoo and body piercing shops to make sure they are sanitary enough. Here are some things that you must look for in a tattoo or piercing parlor.

  1. Licenses and certificates
    The best tattoo or piercing parlors should display certificates for professional training, bloodborne pathogens, and first aid. If your state requires tattoo and piercing artists to have a license, look for it as well.
  2. Cleaners
    Ask the artist what cleaners they use. They should have Madacide and Wavicide and other similar products. The first is an antibacterial cleaner often used for countertops, chairs, tattoo and piercing tables, and others. While the second is a disinfectant often used to clean tools before they’re autoclaved.
  3. Red Sharps Containers
    Check for a red Sharps container on a wall or on the countertop in the piercing room. It’s the appropriate place for used one-time-use equipment. If you don’t see one, ask the artist to see their Sharps container.
  4. Autoclave
    An autoclave is used to sterilize equipment for repeated use. If your artist doesn’t have it, ask if they only use disposable equipment or other sterilization methods.
  5. Hygiene
    Any disposable equipment used must be opened in front of you immediately before use, and the artist must wear fresh gloves before working. For repeated-use equipment, make sure they are kept in sealed sterilization pouches. Additionally, the tattoo or piercing table must be disinfected before you use them. This way you can make sure that your tattoo and body piercing are really hygienic and safe.

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