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Do you interested to get tattoo and body piercing? A lot of people choose to get a tattoo for a reason. They commonly do that to honor the memory of someone or even something that mattered to them. But, most of them choose to get a tattoo as a form of artistic expression, or even just the outcome of a drunken dare. Whatever the reasons behind it, choosing the location of where to get tattooed on the body is as essential as choosing the design. Hence, here are several most popular tattoo locations on the body for you.

The Most Popular Tattoo Location for Women

Actually, there are some aspects that could influence where a woman will get their tattoo on. Your work could play an important role here. As it may not be something that your superiors will look so thoughtfully upon. Furthermore, some areas also could lead people to become judgemental towards you. For example, lower back and tramp stamp stigma. The most important thing is you should put some thought into where you will get your tattoo on.

You have to consider mindfully where to get the tattoo before it really inked on your body permanently. Therefore, you need to get the tattoo artist to put the stencil on you beforehand, thus you could take a good look at the placement and then decide it’s really something that you could live with forever or not. You need to remember that the tattoo will be etched permanently to your skin. Additionally, there are some most popular tattoo locations on the body for women such as wrist, ankle, behind the ear, ear, inner arm, shoulders, back, fingers, and neck.

The Most Popular Tattoo Location for Men

Generally, men will take pride in the work od arts that are inked on their bodies. Actually, there are several locations on the body that will give tattoos more visual impact. Some people spend many of their time building their body arts, it could take months and even years. It does not matter if it’s a full sleeve or it’s full back design. The thing that matters is these pieces kind of art attract the attention of many.

Additionally, when men want to get their tattoos done, they still need to consider their work. Because some places are more conservative and stricter than others where they don’t like their workers having tattoos on display. Another thing that they should consider is body hair. Hair growing upon the tattoo could change the overall appearance of the tattoo. Hence, some popular tattoo locations on the body for men such as chest or full front, ribs, lower legs, biceps, back, thigh, upper arm, and also inner forearm.

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